Thursday, 15 February 2007

DraftFCB - More Ad Men come to SL

I've been too busy chatting with folks to get much new info for the ever-so-small clique of news-hungry SL watchers who check out this blog. But I did pick up a couple of snippets... or snippetlets... snippetoids? snippetoidlets??!

Where was I? Oh yeah... First off, we have draftFCB coming into SL. Who are they? Well, they're creative media-types- yet more to join the jostle in SL. Here's some stuff I found elsewhere: "DraftFCB was created in 2006 from the merger by Interpublic of two of its subsidiaries: direct marketing specialist Draft Worldwide and famed creative advertising network FCB. The resulting business is a fully integrated worldwide marketing services giant offering a broad range of disciplines from traditional creative to direct, digital and sales promotion. Draft has for several years been one of Interpublic's most consistently successful brands, and the merger is designed to provide added strength to FCB, which while a strong performer in the US has remained weak outside its home market. However, the combined business got off to a disappointing start when it was fired from the Wal-Mart account at the end of 2006 after just three months." Be that as it may, their SL island is closed to ramblers and looking very new - but I can recommend their website, which has some neat Flash graphics.

The other piece of news is about Mercedes Benz. Not so long ago I blogged that Merc had an island, but nothing had sprouted forth as yet. A squint at the map today reveals not 1 but 9 clustered islands - all joined to form a single continuous landmass and a few outlying islets. Cunningly, they've concealed the central island so satellites cannot spy on them. Damn you, Mercedes - you've blinded me (and nicked my idea as well). However, it looks from the other islands that they are building a track on at least part of the real estate. All this in just 2 weeks or so! This seems to be developing fast.

Note to self: Be more watchful in future!

This just in - Mercedes Press Release sourced from here:
Stuttgart, Feb 15, 2007
The inhabitants of the virtual world “Second Life” are in for a new highlight next week. On 20 February 2007 Mercedes-Benz sets up its own representation in the online world at On the Mercedes-Benz “island” in the upmarket South West district (coordinates: 128.128.11) the Second Life inhabitants can visit the new showroom, and in the future will be able to experience cars on the Mercedes-Benz virtual test track*. To mark the opening of its virtual showroom, Mercedes-Benz will host an exclusive live concert featuring artists from the successful Mercedes-Benz Mixed Tape compilation for all its visitors on 20 February 2007 at 10 p.m. (CET).

* hehe - I was right.

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