Saturday, 17 February 2007

UPMC Objectives in Second Life

I'm always interested to know people's plans for SL, and have recently been talking about this with Caduceus Kyomoon, who is building the island for UPMC (c'mon, it's the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center... look lively there!). He has now sent me a positioning document regarding UPMC and Second Life and, with his agreement, I have taken the liberty of paraphrasing some of the content.

UPMC have broken down their intentions under 6 headings.

Information Outlet, offering:

  • Broadcast messaging system
  • A new venue for Ebsco content
  • Interactive Health Library
  • Promote breakthroughs in medical field
  • Latest surgery options / offerings
  • Link out to UPMC websites

World-wide Outreach, aimed at:

  • Raising global brand awareness and recognition
  • Creating a buzz in the media as an early adopter in SL

Providing services for patients:

  • Possible rehabilitation usage
  • Exploration of latest I/O devices for impaired Group sessions to enhance interactive experience
  • Global input for support groups
  • Provide an environment for patients with few visitors to interact on-line

Recruiting with global reach:

  • Innovative approach of using SL may attract more forward-thinking individual
    Possible cross-marketing opportunities with Pittsburgh attractions such as zoo, museums and science centre.

Research & Development

  • Realtime interaction with co-workers spanning the globe
  • Online collaboration with partners locally and globally

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