Saturday, 17 February 2007

Epic Conditions in Second Life

The title sounds like something huge & heroic must be happening in SL - perhaps the Burning Crusade has leaked over from World of Warcraft! Woo-hoo!

Sorry to say, the answer is a bit more prosaic. "Epic Conditions" is a new programme coming on The Weather Channel in March (the 4th I am told), and is described thus: "
The Weather Channel will follow thrill seekers such as sailboarders and mountain bikers." Presumably to promote the prog, a bunch of islands have been commissioned in Second Life. As you can see, they're just cloudy murk at the moment - but will presumably start to take shape over the next few weeks and months.

I found the following, more fulsome description: "A blend of sport and weather science wherein athletes capitalize on weather technology to hit the best conditions at the perfect times. This series is extreme entertainment and a powerful connection to active viewers who know there is much to be learned from watching the masters at the peak of their performance. It’s produced by the legendary Warren Miller Entertainment, whose films combine innovative action cinematography, exotic locales, and risk-taking athletes and have kept loyal audiences here and abroad on the edge of their seats for more than 50 years."

Oh... and while we are on the subject of Yoof Culcha, you might like this tidbit I picked up via the mighty If you can't be bothered reading the article, it refers to a new virtual drug called
Seclimine - here's a snippet: "While your avatar is staggering and lurching under an animation replicating the outer effects of necking a handful of foul pills that some nerve-damage case mixed up in a bathtub and probably cut with talcum powder and rat poison, motion graphics and audio launch to commence a hypnotic induction. The inductive system is intended to, from what I can gather, get you good and dopey, disoriented, and wondering why the walls are melting and the floor is made of meat." Be warned! It allegedly lasts for half an hour! Snow Crash, anyone?!

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