Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Myst Online Uru - Update

In case you missed it - or simply aren't bothered - GameTap has announced Thursday, February 15th, as the official release date for the highly anticipated debut of “Myst Online: Uru Live.” This new adventure-driven take on the massively multiplayer online game genre will feature the ongoing release of new content and will become simultaneously available in fourteen countries around the world. You can get a PDF version of the manual here.

The website also has a cool intro movie and other videos can be found here. It has the familiar Myst look-and-feel (if the screenshots are anything to go by) - but only time will tell if it has sufficient interest to drive it anywhere near the astronomical numbers of World of Warcraft. Somehow I doubt it - but I look forward to being proved wrong!

Right now they claim you can still play the Beta for 99 cents... no idea if that is still true, given the impending Go Live.

Incidentally, when I last checked (a couple of days ago), the Myst Online Uru island is Second Life was still not open to ramblers, so they appear to have blown an opportunity for some appetite-whetting marketing.

UPDATE 15-02-07: It's now officially launched - and you can try before you buy for free - go here for details.

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