Monday, 29 January 2007

Al scouts out NBC & IBM again - and stumbles over a Merc

Al was feeling a bit uninspired today, so he thought he'd check out some old (and not so old) haunts. NBC, who made a big song'n'dance about lighting their Xmas tree in SL to coincide with the same event in RL, have somewhat cut back on their islands. At Xmas they had something in excess of 10 islands (What's that, Al? 17 you reckon?). Anyhoo, there's only 1 left now - and it seems Spring has sprung early. Gone is the skating rink, to be replaced by the latest in virtual alfresco cappucination.

Al reported recently that NBC Sports, still under construction, may have been vandalised by Weberphobes. He now reports that access to this grimy sports bar is now open, and has furnished photgraphic evidence to support his claim.

Al also ambled along to see what those chaps at IBM were up to, and was amused to note that they seem to have recruited some new staff, in the form of these exotic builders. He also noted that the mighty Irving Wladawsky-Berger (to be eaten one mouthful at a time), IBM's god of all-things-virtual, has been honoured with his own boulevard.

Newsflash: This just in from our roving reporter, Al. He's just stumbled upon yet another big name new entrant into SL: Mercedes Benz now have an island. Don't hold your breath, it's completely bare at the moment, but nevertheless, there is it.

Also, Forum Europe's island is taking shape - why not enter their art challenge? If all goes to plan the site will offer the following sexy features:
  • integration of external chat channels (for those who won't log into SL but may participate through text chat)
  • web-site plugin of "SL-cam" to see what's actually is going on in SL without starting the SL client
  • adding audio support (like teamspeak)
  • integration of community & e-Learning features
  • multi device accessability
And finally iDoctor TV is setting up here. Never heard of it? Me neither. Part of the Euromed group, it promises to be "your online doctor" - sounds ghastly!
And a final "finally" - can this be true?! "BandQ"??? The retail park DIY company? Surely not!

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