Sunday, 11 February 2007

NMConnect - an early glimpse

Having blogged earlier the information about the NMConnect event at the NMC Campus, I thought I'd better go in to SL to see what was going on - and grab some snaps.

Actually, the statue of "254 Prim David" and the giraffe (which is well animated by SL standards) are not strictly part of the event - but the others are. Maybe it's my cynical nature coming out (again) but an awful lot of the stuff seems to be well-intentioned liberalism, dressed up as Art. There's a lot here about peace, love and all that hippy guff. I susppose I should not knock it... but it is all so damned worthy (not to mention po-faced). Where is the Anime Pie Diner when you need it? Anyway... here's the pictures - but even better, get yourselves along there and make your own mind up.

PS: Say "Hi" to Ludo at the PRISM walkthru.

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