Friday, 2 February 2007

Hey Man, it's Vodafone... cool

It looks like Vodafone are stepping closer to a full-blown launch in SL. Their island, being developed by Rivers Run Red, has, until recently, consisted of little more than a circular base, a bizarre brass instrument and a freebie-giving water cooler. Now, however, it has taken several strange and bizarre leaps forward using a graphical style seemingly lifted from someone's half-remembered acid trip or cheese nightmare.

The signature water cooler is everywhere... but now there's rockets, a swimming pool (menaced by a kraken by the look of it) and a huge version of the grab-a-prize games so popular (?) at seaside resorts. To accompany this there is a bandstand, with deckchairs.
If you've read this blog before, you will probably know that RRR builds are often easy spot owing to their use of white boxes (fading to grey at the edges), which give a clean, if a little clinical, look to their constructions. Here, however, there isn't a white box to be seen! As I've observed before, I think they're trying a bit to hard to be "wacky" - but then, I'm probably not in their target demographic. (I like the grabber game, tho')

The entry to the island is a bit rough, as you are invited to grab onto a pole that disappears through a hole in the floor. This is fine, but it then deposits you deep below sea-level. Dunno if this dunking is intentional or something still considered "work in progress".

Anyhow - here's a map and some other piccies to help you form a view. For me, the primary (wow, man, the) colours don't really do it. But you might love it!
There's no official word, as far as I can tell, as to when this will formally open its doors to us punters.


Betsy Stoll said...

Wow! Surreal. Interesting to wonder if this is an example of design by committee, or of the overheated brain of one employee with creative license.

Aleister Kronos said...

Maybe it's an attempt to shake off their "too cool" image... by splatting out some bright gaudy

I can't see how this ties in with Vodafone particularly - though I
am bound to be proved wrong!