Monday, 12 February 2007

UPMC - University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

UPMC is among the latest additions to the cluster of education and library islands grouped around Info Island, which is starting to develop into a land mass to challenge NMC. Although very much in its early stages (lots of experimentation with ideas), there are a number of themes that Caduceus , the lead builder, is keen to express.

One of these is the positioning of UPMC within its community. To this end, he is incorporating key iconic features of Pittsburgh into the build. At the time of writing, these include:

  • The Duquesne Heights funicular railway. which has been "providing safe, reliable, rapid public transportation, via funicular railway, since 1877 May 20, for the residents and businesses of the Duquesne Heights and Mount Washington sections of the City of Pittsburgh." It still uses two original, 1877 cable cars - and these are being recreated in SL.
  • The Point State Park fountain. "The majestic fountain at the headwaters of the Ohio River was dedicated by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania on August 30, 1974, marking the completion of the 36-acre Point State Park... Two pumps force the water in a columnar effect to a height of 150 feet."

My knowledge of Pittsburgh extends little beyond: "it's got heavy industry and The Steelers", so I am pleased to be educated a bit more. Hopefully UPMC can get some additional funding from "city hall" once they've seen how Pittsburgh can be showcased in SL.

In terms of the Medical Center, the build will (as I recall?) focus on training and providing communication with a worldwide community. Caduceus has a slideshow which I have seen (but clearly failed to inwardly digest) that I hope he will share with me - I can then provide you, gentle reader, with a more fleshed-out account.

No pictures at this stage; those will need to wait until the build has progressed a bit.

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