Thursday, 22 February 2007

AMD Dev Central Update + Mercedes Benz (briefly)

Maybe they were too polite to mention it before, or maybe they've taken heed of my suggestion, but AMD Dev Central have now implemented a couple of breakout rooms, with enough space for around 12 people in each + electronic whiteboard. They might be construed as a tad gloomy - but they're cosy & comfortable - and interestingly, perched at very high altitude (at around 450 metres), so they're reasonably private too.

I took the opportunity on this trip to have a go at the Treasure Hunt - which successfully revealed my profound ignorance of both LSL and AMD 64-bit architectures! But it is designed as a learning tool as well... so hopefully I came away with a tad more knowledge than when I started + a free T-shirt. Chances of my winning that juicy PC are remote tho.
Oh... a note on the breakout rooms - the mug of coffee on the table? It gives a script error: "AMD Logo Mug w/ Steam: Unable to give inventory: No permission to transfer." It should take only a few moments to fix it.


Mercedes Benz - well what can I say? I missed the Grand Opening t'other day, so to make amends I went along yesterday. I got my nice big mp3 download freebie, but the place was quite busy - mainly people gassing on about... well... stuff. Not much evidence of a Merc person steering people towards the rivetting topic of hot German engineering, though there might have been one. The track looked like it should be fun to drive - but as there seemed to be no cars, no-one was out driving on it. A friend of mine did pick up his racing driver's kit - which is well made and looks cool - if you think that looking like an anorexic Michelin Man is a cool look.

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