Monday, 5 February 2007

All The S's: Sprint and Sunbelt Software

I happened upon this (slightled edited) chunk of the Second Life map today: Sprint Center (as you can see, showing signs of construction) and 4 other Sprint islands. Based on little but gut feeling (5 islands is quite a lot of room, after all), I'd guess this must be Sprint , the global (US-based) telecoms company, described in wikipedia as "one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world. With 53.7 million subscribers, Sprint Nextel operates the third largest wireless telecommunications network in the United States (based on total wireless customers)." As usual, if you know better, then please let me know.

In the same neck of the virtual woods you will find Sunbelt Software. The island has been around for a number of weeks, but gets its official unveiling on 6th February - press conference on at 4pm EST/ 1pm PST and Linden time.

Sunbelt specialise in anti-everything software - or to quote their website, they are : "Leaders in Anti-Spyware, Anti-Spam, Network Security and System Management tools. With its US office located in Tampa Bay (Clearwater), Florida, Sunbelt Software, Inc. is a leading provider of enterprise system infrastructure software, including anti-spyware, security, anti-spam and system" management tools." The island boasts some nice features, including a "SL 101" walkthru, where you will meet a couple of mermaid chatbots, who for reasons best known to them, seem to want to talk about existence, and the Meaning of Life, The Universe and Everything. The main building is a pretty decent simulation of their RL offices (see inset).

The build has been done by Beta Technologies (from Portugal) and a nice job they've done of it too. Incidentally, they also worked on the new Language Lab island complex, discussed on the binary footprint blog.