Sunday, 4 February 2007

Coming Soon? Softlab, Autodesk and more...

Recent Spots:

  1. Softlab Group is now constructing an island adjacent to BMW, which should perhaps come as no great surprise since Softlab is a part of the BMW Group. Softlab's website describes them as follows: "Softlab GmbH, with over 30 years IT consultancy and service expertise, is at the heart of the Softlab Group which comprises five premium enterprises including Softlab. The other four are Axentiv - provides SAP consultancy, Entory - an IT consultancy specialising in the financial services market, Nexolab – a consultancy focused on the automotive industry, and FAST - a research centre for applied software technology."
  2. Autodesk, the AutoCAD software company, have an island that (from the satellite view) seems about half-way constructed. No access to ramblers though. My guess is it should be ready by Easter.
  3. JWT, are another advertising company about to sally forth into Second Life. They have an island, but no sign of any construction at present. Definitely not one to get too excited about at this time.
  4. And finally - for this run through - howzabout Newton21 Europe, who describe themselves as "a Group of specialised marketing and communication companies, managed by entrepreneurial shareholders." They seem to have started construction, but not got very far as yet. It looks like Springtime is going to be mighty busy in SL!

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