Saturday, 10 February 2007

A Few New Islands..

A Few New Islands:

  • Centralia College of Centralia, Washington State have a brand new island. According to their website: "Centralia College is the oldest continuously operating community college in the state of Washington. Founded in 1925, the college has a rich heritage of professional, technical, transfer, and basic skills programs serving the community. The college has an enrollment of approximately 10,444 head count with 2,580 FTEs." No signs of any construction to speak of - but it's only a matter of time. Welcome to SL, guys & gals.
  • Sprott Shaw College has an island that looks quite advanced from the satellite view. The college is actually spread across Alberta and British Columbia. "For over a century, Sprott-Shaw has been a leader in education by developing career training programs with your success as our number one priority. Since those early days, Sprott-Shaw has grown to over 23 campuses internationally and in Western Canada." It's a shame you are not letting ramblers in to explore.
  • Aesthetica is also quite advanced, and this time open to the rambling community (of 1, me). According to the notecard I was given: "Aethetica is associated with the class "Aesthetic Computing" taught at the University of Florida (Dept. of Computer and Information Science & Engineering) by Prof. Paul Fishwick. Students build their projects around the island." Here is an article about the site. The island has some cool (if at times, unco-ordinated) stuff. Actually, as this is a place for experimentation, it will probably always look half-finished.
  • Bain and Company - not a name I am familiar with but according to their website: " Bain & Company is a global business consulting firm. Our business is helping to make companies more valuable... Bain was founded in 1973 on the principle that consultants should deliver results - not just reports - to their clients. Since then we have worked for over 3,300 clients in virtually every industry. With over 2,400 Bain consultants worldwide, we measure our success by our clients' results." Well they certainly sound like business consultants! Anyhoo... I like the look of their island, a kind of quasi-masonic Ouroboros thing going on by the look of it, so I snapped the satellite view (no access to ramblers). Reading the semiotics of this, am I to take it that B&Co are the Enlightened Ones? The Illuminati?!

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