Thursday, 25 January 2007

Uncle Sam is out to lunch...

Al has put his cannon away for now and has sought out those noble defenders of democracy on Capitol Hill. Aside from a bloke from The Press and a few bored-looking pigeons, the place was deserted - and the guy from The Press b*ggered off, too. Al, you must need better personal hygiene.

As for Capitol Hill - not much to say really - it probably works best when there's something to observe, though it does have a number of useful web links to US Govt stuff. As for the nature of Democracy - well in SL, maybe everbody's a democracy-of-one nowadays. There are noble, well-intention folk like the Neufreistadters being frightfully grownup - but even there, the SL political parties seem to be having internal spats, which (if taken to their illogical conclusion) will result in a whole raft of Party-of-Me's.

With these thoughts rattling around his pea-like (in size and shape - and probably, consistency) brain, Al went to visit the Sundance Channel island torelax with a movie or two. A general absence of hotdogs, popcorn and fizzy, tooth-dissolving beverages detracted from the experience - and the main movie no longer seems to be running. But to make up for that, Al did get a free bag of goodies - and saw a brilliant animated short: "Sou". You can see a brief snippet at YouTube.

And finally - just to show there's more to Life than politics and popcorn, here's some Pie. The Anime Pie Diner (warning! No guarantee this link is worksafe) starts to take shape - but needs some decent pie-throwing scripts. Any ideas?

Oh.. and you have noticed that Al is sporting a virtual bluetooth headset. That's his Second Talk, Skype-based phone. An idea that looks great to begin with, but ... more of this in a post on

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