Sunday, 21 January 2007

Al checks out the new NMC islands (+ Updates)

In an earlier post, Al noted that the New Media Consortium (and allied pals) had now amassed a total land mass of some 30 islands - but only the central core were accessible. He's pleased to say that access is now available for most of the islands - although to be fair, most are empty, with the exception of the downright odd "Service" island, with its assortment of retro-futurist motocars, metal statues, dino skeletons and of course, Bender (photos below):

And Al was particularly intrigued by "Research 3". Unlike the other main islands of the group (with the exception of MIT, Princeton & Cornell) this island is off-limits while building proceeds.
However Al got close enough for a quick snapshot:

Aside from the lure of forbidden fruit, what is intriguing about this island is that (if you squint really hard) it appears to be a joint venture with IBM. Certainly, there are discrete IBM screens dotted about the place. It looks like the relationship between IBM and NMC is about to get even closer.


  • While we're in a mood for self-improvement, Al would like to point out that he's just spotted Coventry University island.(UK - he assumes). Absolutely nothing there yet - which is probably why he can get it. No doubt it will close once the construction starts.
  • Meanwhile, on an adjacent island, Forum Europe is looking to kick off its presence. If it is the one accessed here then this is what is says about itself: "Forum Europe's contribution to the debate on European economic and political issues goes beyond conferences, publications and press relations. Forum Europe carries out long-term projects that raise the profile of people, subjects and/or organisations, and are much more than PR vehicles." Which is nice...
  • And a minor build.. The Bartle,Bogle,Hegarty island is now open for inspection. More of this anon, when I can be bothered.

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