Friday, 12 January 2007

NMC undergoing massive expansion

The New media Consortium islands, already an excellent port of call for anyone in education (NMC comprises over 200 colleges and universities), is undergoing yet another growth spurt.

Cornell and Princeton are the latest additions, though not open to the public. MIT is also here, but little seems to have progressed on this in the last couple of months. In addition, a cluster of new islands are being added. Many appear to be general teaching islands, while others are focused on specific disciplines: Maths; Sciences; Arts & Letters. This site is rapidly becoming - or has already become - the largest cluster of islands in SL! I make it 30 sims. Please Note: to go there you will need to join the NMC guest list here.


Team Mascot said...

Hi Alestair - some of the massive expansion of the NMC island may relate to NMC Connect - a Visual Symposium for artists: To quote the web site... "Join hundreds of artists, educators, designers and researchers in a visual symposium for Second Life: NMConnect. Structures of artistic expression in every medium will be linked and combined to tell new stories on how we bond within our shared new worlds."

There is a Call for Artists out now (11-31 Jan 07) in time for the symposium on 11-13 Feb 07.

Details at

Aleister Kronos said...

The expansion may be related to this Symposium. However, (1) there is relatively little time to get a stable, debugged set of islands up in time; (2) the island names do not indicate such usage and (3) there is already a stable group of around 6 islands that should be enough for NMC needs. But if they can get the new islands up, then that's even better!