Monday, 29 January 2007

Al gets media-friendly

Universal McCann have an island approaching completion in SL. According to their website: "Universal McCann is in a unique position in the industry as a communications company with a heritage and behavior that is closely linked and integrated into the process of developing creative ideas and solutions, bringing together the collaborative powers of media and creative, the seamless execution of contact and content." Which is simply peachy. Their client include: Coca Cola , Exxon Mobil, Sony, Intel , Johnson & Johnson and many more.

They once claimed: "Second Life and World of Warcraft are currently working together to form a cross-genre community MMOG, SLoW. It's certainly a risk and is expected to take close to two years to build; the combination will allow hybrid interaction in a world of blended niches. This will be an exciting opportunity for marketers to test out new marketing techniques in an "otherworld" while breaking down the barrier of the fantasy genre." The fact that neither Blizzard Software or Linden Labs were aware of this rather undermines the claim. Mind you, it's an interesting concept - is everyone getting aboard the 3D Internet express?

Actually - there's a message coming in from Al, somewhere deep in the wastes of SL. He says there's so many new islands under construction he's going to have to have a bit of lie-down. What's posted here is merely a sample.

Al, take the pencils out of your nose, and stop saying "wibble!"

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