Friday, 12 January 2007

Al visits BMW

Al dropped by the BMW island to see what was going on. Answer? Well... not much really - and to make matters worse, his magic SLURLball wouldn't work. It looks like BMW have rather rushed to publicise the island - but it looks somewhat incomplete at the moment. Lots of stark white - and little detailed texturing. Too stark for Al's tastes. Still, it's good to see yet another motor manufacturer joining the merry throng already here.

It's easy to find - "Map"->"Search"->"BMW"

Next door is Phase4 - still under construction and no real indication who/what it is for... there's so many "phase 4" companies about. Anyhoo, Al managed a quick snap of what's there now. But it looks a good ways off yet.

UPDATE: It seems that Phase 4 refers to Phase 4 Communications, who appear to be responsible for the BMW island build. If Babelfish is to be believed (and who could doubt it) Phase 4 were responsible for "consultation, conception, 3D-Modelling, Scripting and support" of the BMW island. So that solves that little riddle! :-)

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