Sunday, 7 January 2007

Al visits the bank...

A couple of Dutch banks have established presences in SL. First to launch was ABN Amro, who now have 4 or 5 islands, though only one is currently ready/in use.
Now ING are building their island... Judging by the look of it, Al's guess is that it's a Rivers Run Red build. At time of writing, there's still bits of developer rubble lying around, so it must be a few weeks from official launch.

Al's tip of the moment: SL is a "people place" - it needs people to animate it, not just attractively expensive (expensively attractive?) builds. ABN in particular need to get their act together and get a greeter-in-residence. Normally people have to pay serious wads of cash for consultancy advice like that!

No SLURL ball --- clever people like you can find these islands without Al's help.

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