Saturday, 13 January 2007

Al thinks it's Balls (Plus an update)

And using that corny pun, Al has stumbled across Ball State University (Indiana), who have 2 islands in SL: Middletown and Media Design. This is quite an interesting site, in that it was the Rhetoric course that led the way here - with design following after. Why Rhetoric? Al is glad you asked. Well... in a classroom environment the students are less inclined to participate, let alone stand up and spout forth rhetorically. Apparently a depressingly low %age are up for it. But in SL, the buffer between self and avatar is sufficient to break this reluctance... which is nice. Also, students have cool gizmos to play with - which is also nice!

Here's where the Media Design folk have reached so far...

UPDATE: On Ohio University. The Outreach island is now open - and offers a tour. Some (all)of it is Aimee Weber --- Al, you should've guessed from those textures! Stoopid Al.

What's that Al? Chants of "All hail Aimee" you can hear? Your febrile imagination is playing tricks again - but the principle is sound!

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