Sunday, 7 January 2007

AL is in need of some consultation...

So he's been to PA Consulting's island.
PA Consulting were the first major IT consulting company to establish a presence in SL. They also have another island, but that's not open to ramblers like Al. They are working to get the most out SL, with regular meetings and a planned[?] job fair. They also have built an interactive house, which is well worth a visit...
They employ greeters to welcome visitors and show them around... something other RL businesses have been slow to recognise the need for.

Al forgot to use his magic SLURLball, so you will have to find it by using "MAP">"Search" and putting in "PA Cons" in the search box.

PS: Al enjoyed their Xmas party- even if there was an excess of Duran Duran... PPS: Good luck, Michi ,with your venture!

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