Monday, 8 January 2007

News from LL

Al says you should check out the SL blog for Monday, 8th Jan - . LL have announced that the SL client is now open source. In an article in money.cnn ( ) there is the following quote - which set Al's mouth positively a-quiver:
Rosedale and other executives say they fully expect there eventually to be multiple virtual worlds that use Linden's code, or that at least are interoperable with Second Life, so avatars can pass from one world to another. Says Rosedale: "Say IBM builds its own intranet version with our code that's somewhat different from Second Life. But it's probably not that different. A user may say 'Wow, this virtual thing IBM's built is pretty cool. Now I want to go the mainland.' And we have another customer."
Bring it on!!! Oh Happy Day...

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