Monday, 22 January 2007

Al contrasts RRR and Weber Studios

Or so he likes to believe.
On his rambles Al has found that the island belonging to UK ad company, Bartle,Bogle,Hegarty is now pretty much open for business. OK, the bar is still missing a roof and most of the office space is decidely naked, but at least it can be visited (Search on your inworld Map for "BBH"). BBH actually announced their entry in SL back in September, 2006 - but it seems to be only recently that they opened the doors to solitary wanderers like Al.
Any follower of this amblesome, ramblesome blog should be able to spot the tell-tale construction work of leading UK virtual builders, Rivers Run Red. What? You can't? For shame! See if the piccies above give you any visual clues (click to make them bigger - as the actress...etc...).

Right, now that we've got RRR visual style sorted - see if you can spot who might have built this: Reebok's island (slap bang next door to Adidas).

That's right! Award yourself a GOLD star!
The machine on the left is a cool idea. You buy a blank pair of trainers (for 50 L$) and then take them to this machine to hand-craft them to the colour scheme of your choice. Cool eh?

So that's RRR. Now we've also looked at the building style of Aimee Weber and her team, which uses richly contrasting textures and fine detailing - something like this, from the (seemingly) under construction NBC Sports islands (Search under "Second City").
Two have this building on them, the other 2 are basically just being landscaped. Al did spot a giveaway clue to the builders' identity: there is a NBC Peacock Room entrance on Second City 2, this is the third of these he's seen, the other two being on the NBC island cluster and on Midnight City, both Aimee Weber builds.

There is one question, though... Is the pile of boxes and dope leaf particles a griefer protest, or a mechanism to deter unwanted guests like Al? Answers on a postcard please... Or a comment would be even better!

PS: I haven't forgotten about the Autism Museum, or the Anime Pie Diner, now under construction. You will just need to be patient!

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Joanna said...

Dope boxes are resistance!! It's virtual visual resistance to a conservative textual experience! (Or just being a pest/griefing with a taboo object, similar to filling a room with penises. I think of it like virtual football game streaking!)