Wednesday, 24 January 2007

AOL and Myst Online Uru islands.

Al's off building something or another - he was muttering some nonsense about "cannons" when last seen, so I thought I'd better do this short one for him about new AOL and Myst islands.

Sadly none of these are open yet, but the new AOL island "AOL pointe" appears to be at an advanced stage of construction, if the satellite map is anything to go by. Also in the vicinity is "Myst Online Uru" island. Yes, after a long absence Myst is back and about to go virtual world. It won't be in Second Life I'm sure, but this island is presumably there to serve as both ad and taster for the new game, coming to a new MMORPG near you sometime soon(ish).

For those so inclined here is a recent "Macworld" article about the new game. I will probably extend this post if Al comes back with some pictures, but I'm not optimistic.

UPDATE: 12-02-07
GameTap has announced Thursday, February 15th, as the official release date for the highly anticipated debut of “Myst Online: Uru Live.” This new adventure-driven take on the massively multiplayer online game genre will feature the ongoing release of new content and will become simultaneously available in fourteen countries around the world. You can get a PDF version of the manual here.

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