Sunday, 7 January 2007

Al in Slackstreet

Just feast your eyes... Many thanks to Spin Martin for the guided tour.
Slackstreet is one of 4 sims, soon to be 5, being built directly or indirectly by Spin Martin. One look at the textures is enough to persuade cognoscenti that this is the work of Aimee Weber or a protegee. Indeed the Regina Spektor "loft" is Aimee's - the original can be found at Millionsofus. I understand Spin worked with Aimee, and has learned a lot of her techniques. And he's applied them brilliantly. The set of islands is still under construction, but there's something for everyone here - offices, conference facilities, musician spaces, museums... and a killing zone, for those so inclined. Spin is also housing an Event Horizon simulation, which is otherwise homeless (see piccies below). A number of companies - many with associations to Spin - have set up here.
Hint: If you visit Saijo (one of the islands) switch to midnight mode - it's rather fine!


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