Friday, 18 May 2007

Synaxon On SL

Adjacent to VMOA, posted earlier, is the sim for Synaxon AG.

Formerly known as PC-SPEZIALIST Franchise AG (a bit of a mouthful, that one), SYNAXON AG "offers franchise opportunities for entrepreneurs in the field of personal computer (PC) hardware and computer services retail. The Company's key segment is the Franchise segment, which deals with the sale of licenses to information technology (IT) stores, allowing them to trade under the PC-SPEZIALIST name. As of December 31, 2005 (Google had nothing more recent to add), the Company had more than 2,500 franchise partners within the German, Austrian and Luxembourg markets, with expansion planned into further European markets. SYNAXON also operates through the Cooperation segment, which focuses on purchasing advantages and the provision of central services. It is comprised of the specialist retail cooperations MICROTREND and AKCENT, and the systems vendor association iTeam. SYNAXON AG is headquartered in Bielefeld, Germany."

Given some of the slightly odd phrasing, I am guessing this text is a translation from German - but at least it is a lot better than a Babelfish attempt.

The sim itself is OK - some nice office buildings and a pleasant beachside area - though nothing to get too enthused about. I am not sure what SYNAXON hope to get from Second Life. I notice there seems to be a great deal of unused office space here - but I could find no real information to hint at its possible use. Its proximity to VMOA - the sims share a border - means that it will be difficult to secure the border if they plan to host private meetings for franchise-holders. Anyway, while you mull that over, here's a piccy of the beach area:

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