Sunday, 27 May 2007

Augmenting Augsburg

Augsburg, a substantial city in Bavaria and capital of Swabia, has been on one map or another since 15BC. But so far it has been missing from the Second Life map. This oversight has now been addressed, with Augsburg augmenting its real world existence with a new 2-sim presence in Second Life.

The site opens formally in a couple of days, but is already allowing in ramblers, wanderers and nosy neighbours to wander its streets and check out its shops. Although 2 linked sims, there seems to be a clear distinction between them - and in truth, neither bear much resemblance to the city that gave them their name. The more Southerly sim contains the typically Bavarian architecture (to the point of stereotypical tweeness) along with some distinctive city buildings, like the Rathaus which, as the name does not suggest, is the Town Hall.

The site looks like it has only a passing connection with Augsburg itself, as most of it is taken up with shopping malls, dance halls and what appears to be private residences, often constructed in styles that bear little resemblance to any architecture to be found in Southern Germany. That said, it has a lot happening - with many links to websites, a lot of interactivity and I suspect, with the clubs and dance halls, should prove popular with the burgeoning German Second Life population.

The formal launch is on May, 29th at 16:00 (CET? SLT? It doesn't say! D'OH!!**), with live music and no doubt other events to tickle your jaded palates.

** I am assuming CET, since 16:00 SLT would be 1:00AM CET.


VeeJay Burns said...

According to the Avastar the opening is May 29th. Somewhere I saw a sign saying "ab 16.00 uhr", and if it's that german, it probably means 16.00 local time (CET).

Gwyneth Llewelyn said...

Cool... those Fachwerks are of Neufreistadt manufacture, I recognise Moon Adamant's and Dianne Mechanique's styles :)

Yay, Neufreistadt's excellence in building is finally getting some fans :) hahaha