Sunday, 13 May 2007

Dogfights and Airships

Recently a number of folk have pointed out the number of airships filling the skies of Second Life - the one at Microsoft Island being the most recent. Therefore I was delighted to find not one but, well, loads of airships when I TP'd into Dogfight Island.

I was at a loss to get the inside information on the island - actually 2 sims - when a notecard popped up, and saved me all that work of tracking people down and quizzing them at length.

So here goes...
"The Second Skies sims are themed around an alternate mid-20th century. It is a world with a steampunk past and a retro-futurist future. It is the world that is home to films like The Rocketeer or Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, and most notably games like Crimson Skies. The skies are filled with zeppelins and air pirates... and adventure. Role-play is not required, however, things built or rezzed in the sim must not conflict with the theme. "

It then goes on to give some cracking examples of what's "in" and what's "out", before going on to explain:
"We're not terribly strict about this, but we're also quick to respond to flagrant violations. For example, if you rez a Cessna, it's technically not theme but it'll probably slide by without complaint, as long as it's for the moment and not a permanent part of a build. OTOH, we routinely return anything C-Tech on sight. People wandering around in NASA uniforms will likely be unmolested, but Clone or Stormtroopers get bounced out of the sim immediately."

The card concludes by making the point that this is not a general combat sim - it is intended only for use in air-to-air combat. I fancied mucking about with the pictures to give them a steampunk look, but during my researches I found this blog, which has such great pictures that my attempts would have looked rubbish by comparison.

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