Saturday, 5 May 2007

Al locks on to Loxon

The number of closed sims is getting to be a right pain in the proverbial at the moment. I reckon I am able to wander at will through maybe only 10% of those I try and visit. But one that I have been able to access, even though it is relatively new and still under construction, is Loxon. This sim belongs to Loxon Design & Media, based in Munich. The sim is part of a small German enclave that includes BMW, Softlab and Phase 4, all of whom I have featured in this blog in previous postings.

Loxon have broken their sim into a number of islands, seemingly with the intention of bringing their clients into Second Life. Only one of these is operational at the moment: Zorro Film, also based in Munich. Zorro seem to be a movie production and/or distribution company. Their presence in Second Life comprises primarily a movie theatre, where promos for 4 of their films (including the wonderfully named "Full Metal Village" by Sung-Hyung Cho ) can be viewed. You can grab freebies in the form of a variety of T-shirts. I broke with my normal reserve about picking up crap - and grabbed a "Full Metal Village" T-shirt. Outside the theatre there is a talking cow(!) - part of the "Full Metal Village" promotion. The Zorro site opened officially on 26th April - though this passed me by entirely.

High above the island there is a meeting room, accessed by rezzing the Zorro-Liftboy, who will scoop you up and fly you up to the high-altitude platform.

Elsewhere, the sim is far from complete. There is a sandbox, and a main island that is still in the early stages of construction. The build all appears to be the work of Bruce Mantis, whose profile identifies him as the builder of the neighbouring Softlab island too.


Incidentally, I also visited the island of Japan Zipang Japone. This site has barely started construction, and I have no idea what it is going to be. I mention it only because it is adorned with a number of unfeasibly armed Transformers, like these:

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