Saturday, 19 May 2007


As a Second Lifer who is also addicted to twitter ("I am Al Kronos, and I am a twitterholic") I find that I am in good company. Twitter seems very popular with SLers, for reasons I cannot fully fathom, though my theory is: it is not a microblog (as often portrayed) but rather a group of Special Interest Groups. Thanks to twitter (and more latterly Jaiku) I have met a number of people with SL interests, and this has translated into SL itself, where these same folk are now my friends in the virtual 3D world.

One such person is TerryAnn Antonelli. She has been posting "tweets" about the build work she and her partner, Deeeep Witte, having been doing at their home island: Icarus. I have read these with growing interest, since it seems they're doing some cool stuff - and I finally got around to paying a visit today.

There is a lot here for the visitor to take in, but you can ease yourself into Icarus by taking the guided tour aboard a metallic dragonfly (room for 2 apparently). This will take you on a leisurely tour of the main points of interest - but you might need to rummage on your own to get down into Hades, or indeed locate Heaven... (just like in RL, some might say)

This is a fascinating place - with so much happening in it. Yet it is a private build, part-funded by renting. The vast majority of the island is open to ramblers and rummagers, and handsomely repays the time you put in. Thanks to TerryAnn and Deeeep for their patience in answering my meandering questions - sorry I have not got round to mentioning: the Tree; the Holodeck; the VR room; the 3 suns; the main island itself. (But now I have... so that's OK) There's loads more I've missed - but then I don't intend to visit just the once - unlike certain commercial builds I could mention! So those things I have missed I will track down on future visits.

Anyway - enough rambling - here's the pictures:

Your hosts, one of the floating platforms, and a looming angel thingy:

In Heaven...

In Hell:

The route to Heaven or Hell can involve a resting place a bit like this - though hopefully not quite so Gothic in my case: