Sunday, 6 May 2007

Music and Politics

The island of misneach is owned by SL group Four Winds Entertainment, who describe their mission as "to provide quality entertainment to SL residents." The island is under construction, but already has areas set aside for 2 bands:

  • First up are The Invaders, a Milwaukee-based Ska band; I would never have associated Ska with Wisconsin.
  • Then there is On A Sun, also from Milwaukee, who specialise in a blend of electronica and rock.
Beyond that, the island has a multi-floored dance block, a couple of outdoor screens and a beach area for more relaxing pastimes. Presumably as a bid to cover some of the expense of running an island, there is a small number of shops for rent. You are also invited to leave a tip in order to cheer up Sad Bob.

The build, which has a look of the able and enthusiastic amateur about it, clearly has a number of weeks before it is completed.


Progressive Island is home to a number of... well... progressive organisations. It is the place to sign up for the YearlyKos Second Life convention in August (blogged before). It also hosts IFAW (the International Fund for Animal Welfare); the Wes Clark 2008 election group; NTEN (Nonprofit Technology Network); Trellon - "a political consulting firm specializing in the Internet and New Media" - and a number of other, smaller micro-sites.

Construction is still in progress, mainly under Nobody Fugazi, with one building (at least) still to be be completed. The island is group owned by Team Trellon.

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