Sunday, 13 May 2007

Microsoft / MOU Egg Hunt

OK... I give up. I found the first egg, solved the riddle and thought: "Oooh! I quite like this." But after hunting for the second egg for a what seemed like an age, without success, I've decided to get on with the rest of my life - real and virtual. I know plenty of people have found it, and indeed have collected all the eggs. But for me? I simply can't be bothered. Which is a shame, because the actual logic problems would appear to be quite good fun.

I was talking with the first winner, Little Penguin, who informed me that only 3 of the eggs were really hard to find - the second being on of them. Yeah... well, I'd agree with the latter statement! More interestingly, only the first 3 eggs are on the Microsoft sim. The others are dotted around various sims, and not all of them are Millions of Us builds. Which set me thinking...

If this build was for Microsoft, how come you are led a merry dance around the grid - on a hunt that has virtually nothing to do with the client? If the build was actually ready months ago (as I believe may be the case), how come the island wasn't opened at Easter - when an Egg Hunt would make more sense? I'm just a bit confused about the marketing messages here; who is actually the client?

Then, picking up on a tweet from Prokofy Neva, how come the front entrance to the main structure on the Microsoft island is now so difficult to access, cluttered as it is by all manner of crapahoolie?

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