Monday, 28 May 2007

Ludwigsburg Looking to SL

It's funny how memes and themes sweep across SL. Hot theme of the moment is the "Euro-urbanisation" of SL - with the councils of a number of European cities deciding to stump up cash for some virtual real estate. A few months ago, it was the Dutch leading the way, but latterly it has been German towns and cities who have latched on. Recently I posted about Augsburg, but cities across Germany are rushing in to Second Like.

Another one to add to this list is Ludwigsburg. What's that? Never heard of it? Neither had I until I stumbled upon the island - which is currently in a very early stage of development, as you can see:

In RL Ludwigsburg has been settled since pre-Roman times, but the current city only came into being in the early 18th.C, when a large castle was constructed there by Eberhard Ludwig, Duke of Wurttemberg. Originally intended as a pleasure-palace, the Duke - picking up on a hot theme of his time - decided to build a city as well. In the years that have elapsed since then it has grown to a population of around 87,000. And shortly it may add a few dozen more as it sets up in Second Life. The intention, from the little information available, is to provide shops and other features, under the general banner/brand of Ludwigsburg - an approach not dissimilar to Augsburg. I guess only time will tell...

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