Tuesday, 1 May 2007

More New Islands for May Day

Another quick trawl has picked out the following new/under construction islands:

BCI Navigation & DIAMNAV: BCI Navigation's principal activity is to design, manufacture and sell technological applications. The Group offers cartography and embedded navigation systems. Navigation system products include position systems like GPS, mobility applications and Geographical Information Systems (GIS) for route calculations and navigations to points of interests. Under Cartography, the Group offers SNN that covers the various aspects of collecting, storing and viewing maps online. Their other products include bciPDA, a navigation software and bciCSG. The Group operates only in France.

Brabantstad: Brabantstad is an agglomeration in the south of the Netherlands (D'OH - bloody Dutch again!). It consists of the five biggest cities (and the surrounding areas) in the Province of North-Brabant. With its ca. 0,6 million inhabitants and high-technology and industrial performance it's one of the biggest economical regions in Europe, comprising; Breda; Tilburg;'s-Hertogenbosch (Den Bosch)';Eindhoven;Helmond. It is also one of Holland's one of Europe’s most dynamic and lucrative economic areas. It is conveniently close to 2 other new islands: Eindhoven and Tilburg. It looks like every town in the Netherlands is playing catch-up with Zoetermeer!

Becker GPS Lounge: Becker produce satellite navigation systems with route calculation, dynamic navigation and a display of special destinations in 37 European countries and a choice of 17 languages. I wonder how they will cope in a virtual world, with teleport as the prime mode of transport? Then again, it might be nice to know of "traffic hotspots" in advance!

VOK DAMS: VOK DAMS - a marketing company with offices in North America, Germany (their base) and Asia - have actually launched in SL, according to this press release. However, this presence is somewhat rudimentary - to say the least. Another case of rushing to press release before having enough on the ground.

Finally, we have the enigmatic cluster of islands: snet1 to snet4. There are a few possibilities here, of which the prime contenders would appear to be SNET or SNET - that is: "Société nationale d'électricité et de thermique"; "Southern New England Telecommunications" or "Servicio Nacional de Estudios Territoriales". Any other guesses??

Oh... I have spotted such a mind-numbingly large number of new universities and colleges I will need to collate them all before presenting them for your edification. Also, according to my stats, we are only about 3000 accounts shy of the 6 million resident mark.

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