Saturday, 19 May 2007

Sony Ericsson

I've been waiting for the Sony Ericsson island to open in Second Life for quite a long time, and yet - as so often happens - once it did open, I missed it entirely. Seemingly, it opened in March, fully 2 months ago (surely not? I'm sure I've tried since then?), to tie in with CEBIT'07.

The company used Second Life to launch its phones at a kind of virtual CEBIT stand - and produced this fetching video to go with it. The bearded bald bloke in the video is NOT me, by the way. The virtual stand included a competition to win some fancypants phone - but I have to confess that I hate phones at the best of times, and ones with 1,001 additional features leave me cold. I'd rather have several machines that did their jobs well, than one machine that did several jobs with mediocrity.

There's lots to pick up here, if you want freebies. Many of these fancy phones are being given away free - in SL only. But be aware that they don't actually do anything - so you are, in effect, picking up a (coolly detailed) advert to stuff in your inventory. The T-shirts were decidedly mediocre too - so I didn't bother. Besides. I like my Japanese T-shirt!

As for the stand - well, it is what it is. It looks fine, if a bit uninspiring now. It may have served its purpose - though this could be arguable. I understand that the site was not heavily visited (too say the least) during CEBIT, which begs a question around return on investment (ROI). I doubt that the island has come remotely close to paying for itself yet.

Anyway, if you didn't watch the video, here's a few piccies for you:


Mapix said...

I'm on the first pic -> Johnnei Carlberg.
Nice to meet you there.
No people were onto the SE island ;(
I took all mobile phones and the red free t-shirt.


Joshua Culdesac said...

I found the island great but I was followed by a short fat naked man who pretended to be german and kept repeating he was finding me "sexy".

Was it an highly advanced artificial intelligence created by Sony-Ericsson ? Did I miss something ?

I would call that a weapon of mass destruction !

Thanks for your blog Al !

Josh the Wolf