Monday, 14 May 2007

The Frogman Show - Movie

The Frogman Show, a popular Japanese TV cartoon and now, movie, has been brought to Second Life by leading Japanese builders, Melting Dots at Kaeruotoko Island. If you want to get a flavour of the show, there's a number of clips on YouTube - as you might hope/expect, it is totally crazy. I've been struggling to find details (in English) about the show, but I am reliably informed that the "frogman" in question is the pseudonym of the sole animator, and that the 30-minute TV show is all produced using Flash.

Kaeruotoko Shokai is the company behind the runaway success of the show and a number of other Flash-based projects; "a gung ho visual contents brand...A charismatic force in web animation which could only be chaired by the FROGMAN himself."

The island itself is largely submerged, and only a small area of land is actually in use. The main plot offers a number of weblinks and a movie theatre, where trailers can be viewed. There are also several freebies, ranging from caps and T-shirts, to a couple of free avatars, which is good.

The whole place is garish and cartoony - just like the show - and I have to confess that I rather like it.

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