Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Another Airship or 2

Just a quick post: Following a link from Natacha Chernov's blog, I TP'd over to the island of Lovelace to see yet more Second Life dirigibles. As Natacha is big on steampunk, you can safely assume that the island is named after Ada, rather than Linda. The island is still showing signs of extensive construction, but it is a nice place to go... if you ignore the giant wicker man who may be waiting for you to come round for a barbecue.

The main feature is the huge zeppelin with strange wavy tentacles, that looms over the island. But there is a smaller, cuter dirigible for those with a fear of octopii and other cephalopods. If all of this has spooked you out, there is a church where you can go for a bit of tranquil chill.

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