Friday, 6 April 2007

YearlyKos Convention in RL and SL

While rambling around the islands of SL this evening I came across a little cluster of new islands labelled "YearlyKos". I rapidly concluded that this was probably not an annual lettuce convention, or a meet-up of exiles from a small Greek island. But the term still meant nothing to me. As ever, though, Google came to my assistance. For those of you as ignorant as me, it transpires that YearlyKos is an organisation " to encourage and facilitate the promotion of progressive values."

The organisation hosts annual conventions, "gathering people from all walks of life who belong to the Netroots community, the US-based (but globally focused and inclusive) non-partisan grassroots political action community that uses the Internet and blogs as primary tools for: expressing viewpoints, building consensus, acting to change the status quo, mobilizing huge numbers of people and informing each other and the world about current events, grassroots actions, networks, meetings, policy and more."

Recognising that not every interested party will be able to make it to their 2007 Convention, to be held in August in Chicago, YearlyKos have taken the step of twinning their Real Life event with a corresponding presence in Second Life. Full details, as they emerge, can be found by following this link. The aim is to support up to 600 virtual delegates, though I only saw 4 islands, so I am not sure how realistic this target will prove - unless more islands are planned to come on-stream later. Delegates will be able to watch live streamed video from Chicago, and participate in discussions both with the SL attendees and with the Chicago convention itself. Special "in-world only" events will also be held. They will also "have hospitality suites, an exhibit hall and meet-up areas for you to sit down, virtually, with the friends and allies you've made."

Registration for the SL event will set you back 25 USD, but that's a lot cheaper than attending the event in person.

No pictures I'm afraid - there simply isn't anything to see yet.

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