Friday, 8 June 2007

Where Webstar Are

I went the the Southern Seas of Second Life for the first time in a while this evening and stumbled on the island of Webstar, belonging to Japanese 3d computer graphics and web design company... umm.. Webstar. They have a section of their website given over to Second Life, but not being a whizz at any Japanese alphabet* I can only surmise that they will be building on their existing strengths to offer construction and promotion services in Second Life.

The island is an eclectic mix of styles, ranging from beach huts, to an Indian palace and a glass and steel office box, replete with training centre. Then just to add a bit more spice, there is a small fun park with, it must be said, the accent on "park" rather than "fun". The island is well kitted out with meeting areas of all sizes, and at least one dance area. In fact, they've crammed quite a lot into this sim.

For a creative company I have to say I was disappointed. OK, the build quality is better than anything I can manage, but then that's hardly a challenge. But compared to other builders I thought the textures lacked depth and there was a general absence of flair. Also, aside from a link to the website there was little information to be had - well, none that I could find. This is not a brand new island, so any teething problems should have been handled by now. If they host events here - as seems likely - they do not choose to advertise them on the site. So I am left confused as to the purpose of the build, since I think it does no favours to Webstar.

Next door is the TVstation sim, but despite promises of a teleport it did not seem to want to allow me in. So I have no idea what it has to offer. In any event, here's a picture so you can stand a chance of working it out for yourself.

* A situation I need to rectify as I'm off to Japan in 3 weeks time for a holiday!

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