Thursday, 7 June 2007

Playing a Cat and Mouse Game

I've collected a miscellaneous collection of stuff over the last couple of days, some of which I thought I would share with you - not that you'd necessarily find them interesting. First up, here is a friend of mine (in the middle) - no names, no packdrill - who has been well and truly "ruthed". This is normally a temporary state, where an avatar is not able to load its normal settings, and so defaults to Ruth - as it were the "Eve of Virtual Worlds". Perhaps because he was using the SLeek (character-based) viewer for SL, it proved to be a permanent state - at least on this visit to Second Life. His normal avatar is a sedate, white-haired, white-beared man of "a certain age and girth", so he may prefer being Ruth - I just don't know. Behind my friend is Kathleen Millionsofus, while trying to distance himself from this gender confusion is another good friend, VeeJay.

Next is another Firstlook (WindLight) viewer picture - this time of sunset near New Alville. The exotic floating structure isn't mine, but I like the piccy.

Finally, here's some snaps I took at Icarus. TerryAnn (and chums) has been working on a new holodeck room - for mice. In a twitter conversation regarding sleeping arrangements for these members of the family Muridae I had suggested a disused sardine tin. In the event, she was able to whisk up a rather impressive tuna can. The room has a number of fun features, including a picture depicting Schrödinger's cat, and the secret plans for getting cheese without being caught by the cat (peering in through the mousehole). The holodeck is a cool device - and even cooler in the hands of people who know how to use it. Here's a link to an earlier post I did on Icarus - it is a really nice place to visit, and is a great example of what SL residents are doing for themselves.

Now here's hoping that all of these links won't set off the Blogger cret-bots again.

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