Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Japan + NGO = Jango

A very (very!) short post this one. Resuming my recent riff on Japanese builds I went wandering among the scattered islands of the Great Western Ocean to see what took my eye, and found myself on Japan NGO. This island is very much in its early stages, so does not really give much information away to the visitor yet, though if you are Japanese you will already be able to get a good feel for its purpose.

At present there is a landing zone and a number of website URLs, though these are not yet active links. They all, however, refer to pages within the site, which I take to be targeted at charities in Japan. Further into the island is a small seating area, with a couple of inscribed granite slabs - one in English, one in Japanese. Rather than transcribe (and translate!) the text - you can read it for yourself below:

And that's about it really. There's a number of buildings under construction - but it is too early to tell when the site will be complete. Let's say, a couple of months. :-)

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