Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Melting Dots and Hot Suits

A few sites you might want to keep any eye on here. Nothing open to the general public yet, but Japanese virtual worlds construction company Melting Dots are building:

  • 2 x island site for Fujitsu, the global ITC company, headquartered in Tokyo.
  • 4 x island site for Kadokawa, a publishing and movie company.
And not so far away is the (closed) island of "ARMANI via Manzoni". I wasn't too sure how to interpret the "via" in this, but a bit of digging turned up this snippet from the New York Times travel section, on shopping in Milan: "Armani/Via Manzoni 31...This is Giorgio Armani’s personal mall, which fills an entire block. In addition to the requisite Armani clothing stores, look for Armani Libri (books), Armani Dolci (chocolates), Armani Nobu (Japanese food) and, for an unforgettable lunch, Caffè Emporio Armani."

Evidently a virtual shopping mall is coming to Second Life for people like me, who are never likely to stump up hard currency in the real shopping mall.


Oh, if you are twitter user, you might be interested to know there is a twitter group for SecondFest, which kicks off this coming weekend.

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