Friday, 8 June 2007

Acid Crebiz is The Biz

Way back (in SL terms, at least) at the end of February I mentioned a guy/company that I'd spotted that went by the marvellously surreal name of Acid Crebiz. I have tried unsuccessfully on several occasions to gain access to their/his/her island and tonight I gave it another punt, more in hope than expectation. Well it seems that persistence eventually pays off. OK, much of the island is still "no access" but there's enough there to give me great optimism for the future of Second Life in Korea.

"What? Where's Korea come into this?!" Sorry, if you didn't follow the link above, Acid Crebiz is Korea's first Second Life development company. I assume the island and its new neighbouring sim "Korean Town 1" are intended to showcase their/his/her work. At the moment you might think there's too little to see, with most of the land closed off. But I have to say I think it's fab. OK... I'm a huge fan of detailed, 3D textures - and this island is full of them. I think the look and feel is fantastic - and a great advert for Acid Crebiz. Indeed, for those who care to give it a punt, I would be interested in yout views after comparing this with the Webstar island, blogged earlier tonight. They are quite different - but then so are we, the ramblers of Second Life.

But my main reason for posting this entry is so I can show you the island, and let you draw your own conclusions:

(though my piccies are a bit crap compared to the real thing)

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