Wednesday, 13 June 2007

An Italian Property Update

I made a fleeting reference to the Italian property company, Gabetti in early March. Today, I received a notecard containing some interesting updates. If I read the following correctly, they seem to be suggesting that the current Beta phase of their engagement in Second Life is due to last 5 months, with completion still some 6 to 7 weeks away. They set themselves a modest, not unrealistic earnings target for this phase, and seem to have exceed that not once, or twice, but eightfold! My hearty congratulations!

Project start date: March 8, 2007
Project end date (beta phase): July 31, 2007
Project business objective: 250.000 L$
Actual business level: +2Mo L$
Actual properties: +200K sqm

The card also contained information on upcoming seminars and conferences. It will be interesting to hear the outcome of these:

June 14 - Milan - Italy
Web 2.oltre conference -
Our CEO Maurizio Monteverdi/Morris Gabetti will be interviewed by David Orban/Davidorban Agnon on the actual and future strategy of the Gabetti presence in Second Life.

June 19 - Turin - Italy
Mondi Virtuali conference -
Matteo Penzo/Matteo Quadrifoglio and Marcello Merlo/Merz Vandeverre will showcase the backstage and the current results of the Gabetti/SL project.

June 22 - Milan - Italy
Virtual Worlds 2007 seminar -
The Gabetti/SL team will show case how's creating a business presence in SL, the speech will feature the presence of Carmen and Luciana Gabetti, two of our virtual agents.

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Matteo Penzo said...

gratulations Aleister. You know we still have some presence "bugs" to fix (we're working on it for next phase).

BTW we'll be in London for this conference this fall for those interested in...