Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Capgemini France Recruitment Hall

Building on yesterday's post, I thought I should pop in to see what the Capgemini France recruitment hall on the island TMP3 actually looked like. By the time I got there it was past midnight in the UK, and long past any sensible French person's bedtime. But I took a few snaps, just to prove I had been there:

The more eagle-eyed of you might recognise the conference table and chairs. Yes... it's evidently my riff of the week: the work of Scope Cleaver - again!

I may be biased - but I think the facility looks pretty neat.

BTW - for the really avid reader - you may have noticed that this is NOT the mega-post currently in gestation!

UPDATE 21-06-07: The mega-post is now available at 3pointD.


Anonymous said...

I love it! Somehow working in 'Sante' or 'Prevoyance' is much more sexy than 'Healthcare' or 'Public Sector'....

Eanair Rhode.

Trojan Bade said...

OK, so I'll go on your snapshots as I haven't been there yet. But it looks very corporate yet light n airy. Pleasant, yes. Can't quite imagine a 1-2-1 interview across that table mind but as a careers fair, the hall area looks great.
I trust the weather conditions - sunny then - are consistently set to make the most of the glorious views both out and up!
Night would be good if the lighting has a hidden ambience with some good use of spot and accent.
Will make my way there sometime soon