Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Capgemini By Night and Japanese Delights

I have just completed what is, by my standards, something of a mega-post. Sadly, owing to a "gentleman's agreement", I will not be posting it to this blog until after the weekend - so you will need to check out 3pointD to see what I've been up to. By way of light relief, and picking up on a comment on my last post from Trojan Bade - about Capgemini - I thought I would share with you some "Capgemini by Night" images:

Right... and now I promise that's it for that subject.

On a different tack, and more because I found myself there and took the pictures than for any other reason, here are a couple of Japanese commercial sites. The first is H.I.S - from the content of the main office this must be a travel agency. While here you can watch a video which appears to be the making of the video. It's all a bit post-modern for me! Anyway, here are some night time views (I will go back again at some point and derive something more meaningful):

On the adjacent sim of "Mirai" you will find this marvellous, as-yet unpopulated palace, which describes itself as a "castle for shopping magSL Tokyo Japan". I can only suggest you go figure:

No deep analysis - I just thought you might like to see these. They are near "Suntory" blogged by my chum VeeJay at Mindblizzard.


VeeJay Burns said...

AL, I found Mirai a very interesting build and blogget it early may I think. Here's a little more

Joshua Culdesac said...

Hey Aleister ! Thank you for your posts : they allow me to discover hidden parts of the grid.

But how -the hell- can you find the time to find all these great sims ?!

About Mirai, I must say I have been deeply impressed by this sim mostly built by an incredibly talented man (or woman) named "Gsha Gray".

I have visited a room paved of marble and the builder, this Gsha Gray, went into so much detail that he set a copy of the room upside down under the floor which he made smoothly transparent to create an awsome reflect effect.

In fact it so realistic that I was surprised no to see my own reflect into the floor.

I took a snapshot that you can browse there :

The room coordinates are 132, 141, 65

It's a must-see in Second Life.