Saturday, 16 June 2007

Talks and Courses at the Design Museum

On getting back this evening from going to see The Rocky Horror Show currently touring the UK (and no, I didn't dress the part) I found an email waiting for me from Kate Allen, advising me of the following, that I thought I should mention to you, gentle reader, as it may stimulate your brain-buds:

15 - 24 June
For the duration of Architecture Week, the Design Museum in collaboration with sculptor Kate Allen - aka ‘Fraser Fonda’ - will share live online Second Life experiences with visitors to the Design Museum (London) via a screen in the café. Visitors to the café can view the places, buildings and events ‘Fraser Fonda’ attends including a series of special events between 3 -5pm each day. Click here to see details of the special events in Second Life between 3-5pm GMT (note it says GMT [actually BST] which is SLT+8).

Basically there's a talk a day. I reckon, what with the day job and all that nonsense, I may only actually make this Sunday's meeting. As for next weekend, I shall be up to my 'nads in mud and pear cider (festival strength) at Glasto!

Another event to watch out for is The Guardian (or as we Brits affectionately know it, The Grauniad, owing to its reputation for typo errors) is putting on Secondfest in the near future. For all I know, you read it here first!

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