Sunday, 14 October 2007

The Wheatfield (The Far Away)

I first noticed this amazing site when IBM's Ian Hughes (better known in SL as epredator potato) blogged about it a couple of weeks back. But it wasn't until I found the Flickr group that I thought, "I must track this place down." Despite appearances, it is not an entire sim - in fact The Wheatfield covers barely a 1/10th of a sim, yet it seems to stretch into the far distance, under huge prairie skies.

It was created by AM Radio, in real life another IBMer (or so I am told), and has been at the centre of an ever-widening ripple of interest in recent weeks. Indeed the level of interest has already reached such a point that AM Radio has decided to sell versions of The Wheatfield, with proceeds going to - a charitable organisation that exists to help farmers in the developing world help each other.

The correct name for this build is "The Far Away" - but whatever its name, you really should go along. Here are the pictures I made while I was there:

I plan to go back and explore further, too. Here is a link to an excellent blog, Not Possible IRL, that carries more information and an interview with AM Radio.


centralasian said...

Looks like a wonderful project!

Matt Moran said...

I love it - and the larger full-sim version that closed yesterday. It reminds me of someone.

Aleister Kronos said...

Damn! I missed a full sim version?? Curses!!