Wednesday, 24 October 2007


While trying out the new OnRez viewer - already on its first patch release, which tends to suggest some very tired code monkeys - I couldn't resist bringing you this little slice (not for the squeamish):

The viewer itself seems fine - definitely some nice refinements over the standard Linden Lab version. In particular, it does seem to be smoother and faster. The rest of the changes are largely cosmetic tweaks, apart from the viewer-based browser. However, I wouldn't get too excited by this. It is a nice add-on, but is not really a full-blown browser, with tabs, and multiple windows, and history, and favourites, and... and...


swords said...

Thanks for the feedback. We have lots of plans for the viewer to come :)

Therese Carfagno said...

Hi Aleister

I'm not really sure if I know what this OnRez viewer is about. Is it another way of getting in to Second Life in the same way that both Firefox and Safari are ways to surf on the Internet?

Aleister Kronos said...


Broadly speaking, yes. A good analogy in fact.

To me, Onrez is a combination of new features (not many), user interface improvements and in effect, a "re-skinning" of the classic viewer. So it can act as an alternative to the Linden viewer, just as you might choose Firefox over IE.