Saturday, 6 October 2007


Get free skins and a bottle of Evian from one of a variety of drinks dispensers, located at the following SLURLS:

Romantica Beach Club: Romantica (198, 116, 23)
Freebie Planet (3 vendors - one right at the tp area): GamersBrand (74, 203, 25)
Freebie Beach: Freebies (236, 25, 22)
Japan Resort: Japan Resort (116, 85, 21)
France 3D – Courchevel: FRANCE3D Courchevel (39, 175, 22)

Nice idea giving away free skins, made by RealSKIN, but despite some upbeat marketing reviews I was not impressed. At the end of the day, I sought out this dispenser to get freebies - it does not give me any lasting link with Evian, and the subtlety of pure water being good for my skin (or whatever the subtext is supposed to be) was lost on me. Still... it's garnered them a few column inches for very little outlay, so it's probably earned its keep.

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