Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Acid Crebiz and Samsung

While checking the Second Life map the other night I noticed 2 clusters of Samsung islands - 4 named "Samsung Matrix", and eight more simply called "Samsung". It was one of those frustrating nights when everything seemed to be shut - and these islands were no exception. However, I will tell you what I know.

My previous post touched on the work South Korean builders, Acid Crebiz, have done for LG CNS and while I was checking out the builders' website I noticed they had also listed Samsung in their portfolio. Unfortunately they have not yet posted any further information about the build, but I am fairly certain these islands are the result. The "Samsung Matrix" ones look particularly interesting in this map view:

Hopefully, if I ever manage to harmonise time zones with Acid Crebiz, I will be able to obtain more information on these sims. But for the meantime, the above "satellite map view" will have to suffice.


While on a Korean theme, and also picked up by VeeJay at Mindblizzard , there is a large group of 20 sims called "sera korea." These are new and no building has taken place yet, but my money is them being connected with the Korean MBC TV drama Que Sera Sera. I would further hazard a wild guess that the builders will be Acid Crebiz.


Noneget Barnes said...

Hi, Aleister Kronos, It was very nice to meet you at last, Thank you for making your valuable time.
and finishing design of our name, ACID! C is yours! :>

Hope to see you again soon

Aleister Kronos said...

Hi Noneget

It was great to meet you. And thanks for putting me straight about Samsung Matrix - which I understand now to be an Electric Sheep Company construction.

Also good to discuss theory about "Sera Korea" = "Second Life Korea" and nothing to do with the TV show I had in mind. But who is building this monster 20-sim map of Korea? T-entertainment? I think we should be told! :-)

Noneget Barnes said...

yes they are building,and
find Sera Korea Builder Group.
I found that Eric Call company is also co-working. some news about "Sera Korea" was released yesterday. It will be open on 11/23.

I think they will be lands for
Korean newbies, like orientation

anyway, there are 20 lands but i can see still void spaces. hope to see new and exciting stuff.